As a kid I thought I was going to be the next Steven Spielberg. At the time however video equipment was more expensive than football boots and so I gradually decided that I’d be the next Kevin Sheedy (here’s Kevin scoring the equaliser against England in the 1990 world cup). As yet I’ve achieved neither of these moderate goals, However video equipment has dropped considerably in price since 1990 and so here’s some videos i’ve made.

As part of a project on the outskirts of cities I took my video camera on a trip out to the edge of Dublin. There’s a few things i liked out there, the lights of passing cars and how they illuminate the verges of the road and how once you leave Dublin the street lights disappear plunging you into complete darkness. Also someone had set a stack of mattresses on fire. I have no idea why. The sound/song is called soundtrack 2 by Bone Friendly you can hear more of Bone Friendly’s music here

This is a video I made from the window of my girlfriends sister’s place in New York. It was a fascinating view. The song is called Trem by Bone Friendly you can hear more of Bone Friendly’s music here 

A video for BOMC’s song 7A. It’s a haunted video tape.

If David Attenborough sees this (I don’t think he ever will) I’m probably screwed. I love Attenborough. I find it extremely sad that future generations may associate his voice with extinct animals. Especially since most of what the man’s message to us as a species is that we have to protect the animals he’s talking about. It would be great if you could train a Lyre Bird to replicate a recording, on the other hand if it were forced to listen to BOMC over and over the bird may give up on life completely. We’ll continue the research though

Oh Maradona. You legend.

Listen to The Bridges Of Madison County here



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